FileMaker 11 and OS X Lion

For those OS X users itching to get onto Lion, but FileMaker compatibility is holding you back, you have a dim green light. FileMaker just posted some details on FileMaker’s compatability.

Proceed with caution since there might some hidden ‘gotchas’ that haven’t come to light yet. But if you don’t use Web publishing, older excel exports (Pre-Excel 2007), Asian characters and 0 and negative decimal place, you might dip your toe in the water.

OS upgrades are serious business, especially with production systems, so we don’t recommend jumping in cold. Test on a development server and non-production clients first, and be sure and have a full backup of both your computer and custom FileMaker solution.

4 Responses to “FileMaker 11 and OS X Lion”

  • I can not believe filemaker 11 does not work with lion since apple owned your company. By apple dropping rosetta you made other softer also outdated. Why would do this makes no sence.

  • Hi Arnold.

    Neither FileMaker nor Apple are “our” company :-) We’re a user group.

    It is true that older excel exports in FileMaker are broken due to Lion no longer supporting Rosetta.

    I can’t speak to business decisions for either company, but these are really two unrelated issues.

    Apple dropping Rosetta support makes lots of business sense, actually.

    OS 9 was discontinued TEN years ago. Apple provided backward compatibility for OS 9 apps through Rosetta for a decade. That’s a rather long support window.

    FileMaker not creating a workaround for the Rosetta code for older Excel export formats is a different issue, and a valid point.

    It is, however, a problem that can be resolved by updating Mac Office from 2004, which is, after all, a 7 year old product.

  • Uhm… Colin,

    Rosetta is to support MacOS X PowerPC code, not MacOS 9 code. Apple sold PPC machines up until August 2006. 5 years ago.

    And this problem can not be solved by update MS Office. I have the latest MS Office, but FileMaker still can not export to Excel format.

    My theory is that MS supplied this export module to FileMaker years ago, and did not update it with Intel code. But it’d be nice to see clarification from FileMaker.

  • Okay, stand corrected on Rosetta :-)

    I would still like to point out that if you have the latest MS Office, then you are using .XLSX file formats, unless you’re specifically selecting a backward compatible older excel format of .XLS.

    FileMaker CAN export to XLSX, so it’s incorrect to say that this problem cannot be solved by updating MS Office. It’s only a problem (admittedly a significant one) if you continue to use the older .xls file format.

    As for your theory, it’s likely spot on. As for me, I’d like to see either:

    a. the functionality for .xls export rolled back into FM (can’t imagine it’s that hard)


    b. removal of XLS as an export option when running Lion, since it just makes things confusing.

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