Who is Philly FileMaker?
PFUG (The Philly FileMaker User Group) is a collective of FileMaker developers and users that meets quarterly at the Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia to meet, brainstorm and network in a collegial, informal environment.

What do you talk about?
We talk about FileMaker! Well, not just FileMaker – we talk business too: how to run one, how to manage projects, solution case studies, the business landscape. Basically whatever content we collectively find compelling, we discuss. You can read our blog here.

How can I join in?
You can receive meeting announcements by joining our Meetup group here: http://www.meetup.com/phillyfilemaker/

What else can you tell me?
Maybe some history? We’ve been around for 10 years and have held over 100 meetings in the Philadelphia area.

PFUG was founded in 2004 as an initiative by IT Solutions to provide an open forum for FileMaker developers and those interested in FileMaker to meet, brainstorm and network. Jim Higgins, then the VP of Application Development at IT Solutions, was the first Coordinator of the group, and it held its first meeting May 27 2004.

Jason Mundok took over the management of the group shortly thereafter and steered it through December 2007. In that time he also kicked off the Central Pennsylvania FileMaker Developer Group. Colin Keefe picked up the PFUG reins in January 2008. He’s currently a Project Manager for IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Around 2010 we changed our name from the Philadelphia FileMaker Developer Group to the Philly FileMaker User Group, to make clear that we’re a group truly open to all skill levels and interests.

Over the course of ten years, we’ve had a rolling, changing membership as people drop in and out. Currently our monthly meeting attendance hovers around 21 on average, from a core base of about 50 regular attendees. New faces, regardless of skill level, are most welcome and encouraged.


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